Thank you for visiting Aninas Recipes, my very own little space where I can share my culinary adventures with the world.  This really isn’t your normal food blog.  As a matter of fact, this little sharing space has become a recipe portal for the last 7 years and is filled with easy recipes, mouthwatering photography and my own take on food styling.

Every day food becomes all-you-can-think-of food, and that’s about my purpose here!

My blog paints a picture of utter passion for great fresh produce, quality ingredients and wonderful flavours and aromas (and maybe a few awesome products as well) – all whipped up and mastered from my rather inadequate little kitchen in Johannesburg and photographed in my own comfy home studio.

Who am I?

My name is Anina Meyer – an amateur turned pro – recipe developer, blogger, food stylist, photographer, cook, sometimes baker and entertainer if you like.  Yes, despite what you might think, I have no formal culinary background as such, but had to quickly learn the ropes when I jumped head first into the family Cake Shop! Menu development and catering was the order of the day.  The rest is history…

Right now….

As a Food Content Specialist, daytime is a hustle as I freelance as professional recipe developer, food stylist and photographer.  I create drool worthy images for brands, restaurants and basically anyone in the hospitality industry.  Need content for your website? Sure, let me write your piece on healthy living, super duper ingredients or whatever else you would like me to talk about.  Let’s put our heads together and design campaigns that will speak to your crowd in any way you think fit and get feet through the door.

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Oh and look at that…Struggling with your Social Media accounts? Let me take the stress out of social media with curated plans, strategies and visual content to get the likes up.

I am honored to share my crazy, free and dynamic personality through my food with you.  Thanx for stopping by, grab your aprons, get cooking, and let me know how it went!

Just a side note:

I really love what I do and it has become not only a passion but a way of income, which I am truly grateful for. So, my content, recipes and images are my own and if you would like to use any of the lip smacking stuff you see here, please get in touch through my contact page up-screen. Good?

Oh and while we are here: I don’t usually post press releases on my website, but if something really catches my attention, I might let the world know through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You are welcome to mail me the latest addition to your foodie empire.

I’m also happy to collaborate with like minded, talented food enthusiasts – let’s brainstorm!