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If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, your mum, aunt or gran probably had one of these babies. A jaffel pan. 


From as far back as I can remember of my early childhood, memories of these handy bread toasters linger in my mind.  Reels of images from every church bazaar and fete since I was three, showcasing what seems to have been every woman in church baking pancakes, selling trifles and making Jaffels. 


It seems to be a good old South African treat, and by combining your favorite filling combinations it can be transformed in a traditional yet charming meal idea. 

I decided on the traditional Savoury Mince Jaffel, which consisted of two pieces of bread, toasted in the jaffel pan with a filling of savoury mince, cheese, tomato, onion, ketchup and mustard.  It is a perfect idea for a picnic or for the kiddies lunchboxes. 

I say – Jaai – dinner is served!


The lowdown on Jaffel making:


Before you start, make sure you have a hot stove plate and some nonstick spray to prepare your jaffel pan with. 


Put the closed jaffel pan flat on the stove top, and heat it up.  Real hot.


Carefully open the jaffel pan, add a slice of buttered bread on the hot surface, with spoonsful of savoury mince, a sliced tomato & a bit of sliced onion, about a tablespoon of grated cheddar and a squeeze of tomato sauce and mustard.


Top with another buttered slice, close, remove the crust by sliding a knife around the edges and back to the stovetop.


Check every 15 – 20 seconds by turning the hot side over, open and catch a glimpse of the toasty goodness.


Don’t let it burn now. 


Turn over to toast the other side.  Remove carefully, let cool slightly and enjoy!



You can easily treat the family with delightful fillings like chicken mayo and cheese or even a nifty breakfast meal by toasting bacon, egg and cheese jaffels for brunch! Enjoy!

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